ARKangel - Diary Highlights

Concert Diary Highlights

Lullaby of Andalusia

Premiered at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall as the scene setter for Paco Pena's "Requiem Flamenco", and filmed in recital in Southwell Minster, "Lullaby of Andalusia" is a programme celebraring the vibrant and haunting music inspired by the rich folklore of Southern Spain.
"Lullaby of Andalusia" is available as a straight through recital of one hour duration or as an extended programme of two halves.

Tango Roots

Complex and funky, Tango Roots traces the story of Tango through the folk traditions that fired the birth of this improvisational art form. Encompassing the Central European traditions of Klezmer and Roma, the Hispanic traditions of Flamenco and Habanera and the rich folklore of Argentina, the programme includes both stunning classic and contemporary Tango.

Histoire du Tango

Trace the Tango from the Bordellos of Buenos Aires to the concert halls of Europe. Combining the sensuality of Spain with the incessant drumbeat of the slave traditions, the Tango is a heady mix of anguish and joy. Haunting rhythms, outrageous Piazzolla.

Solstice - Music for a Summer's Evening

Encompassing de Falla, Rodrigo, Puccini, Elgar, Gershwin, Jerome Kern and a smattering of Tango, Solstice is the perfect end to a baimy Summer's day (adapted and available for each season).